Composite Doors in Lancaster

Composite Doors in LancasterWe are expert suppliers and installers of secure composite doors in Lancaster. Many people do not know what a composite door is. The composite door is made up of a number of different materials. There is a wooden frame which provides the skeleton for a covering of GRP which is glass reinforced polyester. This skin is very strong and resistant to even the worst weather and the GRP is usually used in the manufacture of boats and baths. This makes it completely water resistant and requires no maintenance.  The inside of the frame is filled with polyurethane high density foam. The foam is very strong and provides great strength to the door. The most important quality of the foam is that it is a really efficient insulator. All our composite doors come standard with extremely secure locking systems.

A new front door could be difficult to select considering the wide range of doors that are available. In Lancaster, composite doors are stronger than UPVC doors and far more durable than timber doors. They are also better at insulation than either UPVC or timber. The composite door will surpass the lifespan associated with both the wooden and UPVC door and has a predicted lifespan of thirty five years plus. This makes the composite door a very cost effective buy. They are also extremely beautiful and can have windows in plain or leaded glass set into them to make the most exquisite front door.

We have a very wide range of composite doors in Lancaster. After more than 30 years in the industry we know that our success is largely due to the quality of our products and the reliability of our service. Contact Carnforth Windows today and we will be delighted to visit your home and offer you a quotation for the renovations you need. Our showroom has our wide selection of doors and windows on display so that our customers can visualise their home with the replacement doors and windows on. This is a very good way of increasing the value of your property and its overall character making it a property that will sell easily.

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