Window Fitters in Cumbria

Window Fitters in CumbriaImagine, at Carnforth Windows, window fitters in Cumbria, we have been in business over thirty years and yet we have no sales department. So, when you call us for a measure up and price quote, we the owners will show up. Already, you’re saving money with us because no salesman’s commission is being tacked on to your estimate. The estimate we give you is the real price; the same one you pay on completion of work. We don’t give you a high price and then make a deal and we don’t make a deal and then add on extra fees and costs on completion. We know that can be confusing since most contractors have your brain in a twist by the time they leave. At Carnforth Windows, we own the place, we give you an honest price and we oversee the work.

We do have an after-sales team of customer service representatives who will make right anything that has gone wrong after installation. In Cumbria, window fitters that work for us are all highly trained and experienced. Our product is high quality, durable upvc and double glazed A rated windows for energy efficiency. We don’t anticipate any problems or dissatisfaction but if something doesn’t meet your standards, you let us know right away and we’ll make it right; guaranteed. You are going to love your new windows. While they are an investment in your home, increasing your property value, you still get to enjoy the beautiful and cosy benefits. You win all the way.

During our thirty years as leading window fitters in Cumbria and the surrounding area, we could have hired a staff of salesmen and some more job managers. We might have grown into a huge company with dozens of jobs going at once. We would have needed more teams of fitters and more equipment and everybody would be under pressure to hurry up. Overhead would go up and so would the customer’s costs. The chance of dissatisfied customers would increase and nobody would be better off. So, we’re not the largest company around but contact us when you need new windows. We promise professional installation, quality products, fair prices and your satisfaction guaranteed. It’s the same method that has worked well for us and our customers for over 30 years.

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