The single glazed wooden window has seen its final days, condensation often forms on the inside glass pane and damp is now starting to saturate the internal walls, damaging the decorations and causing rot on the winodw cills. old wooden rotten window


removing glass The process of safely removing the glass and frame is started. The glass is scored and removed in the safest possible way. The frame is then cut through to easy to handle size.


Using the correct recipricol saw to remove the old frame. Taking extra care to reduce any possible damage to decorations and walling. removing frame


frame removal Removing the outer frame


Brushing and cleaning the area ready for the new frame to be fitted into the apperture cleaning frame area


installing new frame Guide the new frame into place ensuring we take care not to damage the existing apperture or the frame.


Final checks to ensure the vent and mechanisms opens as they should and that the head clearance is sufficient. checking frame


drilling to fix the window frame Commence fixing the frame to the exterior wall.


Drill in both sides to ensure strong and durable fit. second fix point


final fix Fix into position using the appropriate strength screws.


Insulate and fix the head of the frame with high quality expanding insulating foam. insulating and foaming the window cavity


cleaning the frame Prepare the frame and clean prior to installing glass and application of the sealant.


Seal the frame to ensure water and draught tight finish. siliconing and sealing the window frame


sealing under cill of window frame Seal under the cill, often a place forgotten by many installation teams!


Add glass packers to the frame to ensure eveness. It is essential that this is carried out correctly. Mal practice at this stage will affect the longevety of the sealed unit. packing glass


installing glass sealed unit Install Argon filled A – Rated glass sealed unit


Fix glass into position using approriate glazing beads. Installing beads


Adding make up Picture frame trim the window to reduce redecoration and improve the overall appearance.


Clean the frame for a final time to ensure a spotless finish. final internal clean


internall finish of sealant Seal the frame internally to improve insulation and appearance properties.


Window completed and weather tight Finsihed window




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