Composite Doors in Cumbria

Composite Doors in CumbriaThe most popular door on the market, for new homes and those being refurbished is composite doors in Cumbria. Maybe in the beginning some purists thought the doors aren’t quality because they aren’t made from solid timber. It’s not surprising how quickly the doors became popular when you consider the benefits of composite over solid wood doors. If their durability isn’t enough to convince a buyer their low- to- no maintenance will win them over. Some choose composite doors for their insulating qualities which help lower heating bills and eliminate cold drafts whistling around the door. Doors are supposed to protect us in our homes from intruders and with a burglar proof locking mechanism the door does it’s job.

There are many great benefits of composite doors and enduring beauty is not the least of them. In Cumbria, composite doors from Carnforth Windows offer choices from a selection of white, natural timber look or rich substantial colours. Twenty years from now the colour will not have faded, the door will not warp and you will have done nothing to achieve that longevity except have the good sense to buy a composite door from us. We have doors displayed in our showroom to suit any style home and gorgeous decorative windows. The combination of composite door, decorative window and beautiful substantial hardware is a welcome home that will make you proud you live there.

Composite doors in Cumbria are manufactured in layers bonded together to create the greatest strength. One of the layers is an insulating layer. It’s this layering and bonding that make the doors so strong. A burglar would likely risk injury if he tried to kick your composite door in. Contact Carnforth Windows today for more about our fabulous composite doors. We are a family owned company that prides ourselves on giving value for money. We value our customers and provide attentive customer service that our 30 years in business has taught us. When you buy from Carnforth Windows you are dealing directly with a member of our family.

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