Bi-Folding Doors Windermere

Bi-Folding doors Windermere

Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Have you ever wondered why almost every successful project on ‘Grand Designs’ has a folding sliding door in it?

Or why every designer home in “Elle Decoration” has a double page spread with the owner
framed by one of them?

We could tell you it’s because a folding sliding door adds value to your home…because it

We could say that folding sliding doors are environmentally efficient…because they are.

But the real reason is much simpler; a folding sliding door makes your life better by transforming your living space. It opens up a multitude of possibilities in your home, making it a lighter, more welcoming environment in which to live.

No other item in your home can transform your living space, break down the barriers
between inside and out and bring gorgeous sunlight flooding into your home.

A folding sliding door realises the potential of your home and the space around it.
Literally, it opens up a whole new way of living.

Available on display in our Carnforth showroom is the latest Origin bifolding door. Your welcome to come and experience the difference between this fabulous door and other inferior models on the market, we are sure you will be extremely impressed, with the quality of these bespoke doors. Follow this link to view our other showroom displays.

bi-folding door in showroom

bi-folding door

open bi-folding door

bi-folding sliding door