Double Glazing Company in Cumbria

Double Glazing Company in CumbriaWe are the double glazing company in Cumbria to trust for your long dreamed of conservatory and or window replacement. If that sounds like we’re tooting our own horn that’s okay because we can back up our claims. Over the last 30 years we’ve been in business we’ve seen UPVc double glazed windows become the industry leader. We fully support the trust customers and installers have placed in these windows. The material is a great insulator and so durable it lasts like new for decades. White is still the most requested but more people are beginning to ask for coloured UPVc for their double glazed windows. There is a wide array of colours from which to choose.

Some people may conclude we think a little too highly of our company when they see our prices. Keep in mind that in Cumbria, double glazing company installed UPVc windows cost up to 50% less than wood or aluminium. They last for 30 years with little to no maintenance and the colours do not fade. The windows are energy efficient when professionally installed so you save on energy bills. It’s true you can find a company to install double glazed windows for less than we charge. The reason they can charge less is because like everything else, there are cheaply made products that won’t last very long and unskilled workmanship that compromises the energy efficiency of the windows. Buy them if you want to but we don’t want any part of that kind of poor quality.

For just a little bit more our double glazing company in Cumbria gives our customers higher quality window products professionally installed. Handle the various grades of UPVc and you will see how flimsy the cheap products are. Twenty years down the road the customer is going to be glad he invested wisely in durable products and services. We’ll be proud to claim the job as one of our own. We’re a locally owned company. We haven’t stayed in business for 30 years by associating our name with inferior products and workmanship. Contact Carnforth Windows and visit our showroom to see the difference a few more pounds will make. We believe you get what you pay for and in giving you the quality and workmanship you expect from a local business.

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